What we're all about

Eerie Stories is a place where writers and artists have come together to create illustrated stories. Born out of a love for serial story telling, we're trying to bring attention to some talented writers and artists and their well-told and beautifully illustrated tales, and to bring you, the reader, something that is perhaps a little different from the usual fare. 

How we plan to present the work

​​Stories will be posted one installment at a time, simultaneously on this website, Instagram and Facebook, each installment illustrated by a talented artist and written by a talented author.  

Calling all artists and writers

If you are a writer or an artist interested in participating in this project, please click on the "contact "button at the top of this page and send us an email. Currently this is a labor of love, so at this time we cannot pay for any submissions (that may change in the future). All work posted on this site remains the copyrighted property of the respective artist or writer.