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​​​​​​RICHARD DOOLING - Author (Bush Pigs)

Richard Patrick Dooling (born 1954) is an American novelist and screenwriter. He is best known for his novel White Man's Grave, a finalist for the 1994 National Book Award for Fiction, and for co-producing and co-writing the 2004 ABC miniseries Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital.

Dooling's first novel, Critical Care (1992), was made into a 1997 movie of the same title, directed by Sidney Lumet and starring James Spader and Kyra Sedgwick. His next three novels—White Man's Grave (1994), Brain Storm (1998), and Bet Your Life (2002)—were all New York Times Notable Books. In conjunction with Kingdom Hospital, he also wrote The Journals of Eleanor Druse (2004), writing as Eleanor Druse, a character in the miniseries. Dooling's short story "Bush Pigs" was read as part of Selected Shorts, a program produced by Symphony Space in New York and aired on NPR. The performance was later included on the CD Getting There from Here, a compilation of listeners' favorites from the program.

His nonfiction book Blue Streak: Swearing, Free Speech, and Sexual Harassment (1996) is an examination of the social and legal implications of profane speech. In Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ (2008) he explores the implications of machine intelligence overtaking human intelligence. He has also written op-ed pieces for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The National Law Journal.

Dooling was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and is a graduate of Saint Louis University (1976) and Saint Louis University School of Law (1987). He has been a practicing attorney and developer of web-based legal tools for the St. Louis firm Bryan Cave. As of 2010, Dooling is a visiting professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Law.



Ian Miller makes illustrations, paintings, and tattoos in Northern California. His art gallery and tattoo studio, Legion Art Collective, in Roseville, CA is where you can usually find him. Ian studied fine art: illustration at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. When he is not creating art, he and his wife Tiffany are kept busy raising their three children, Kelly, Jack, and Salem.

jA MILLER - AUTHOR (Lethe, Fly in Amber)
​This serial storytelling project is my "brainchild". I hope you enjoy it!  
Instgram: www.instagram.com/eeriestories

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eerie.stories.9

email: eeriestories.com@gmail.co


​My name is Joseph C. Weide, but my last name is confusing to most people, so I go by Mr.Willow, and I am a freelance artist and illustrator. 
I've dabbled in various mediums, but I prefer and work primarily in pen and ink in the spirit of Golden Age illustrators. 
With a deep love of mythology, folklore, fairytales, and fiction in general, my subjects vary wildly, from fairies to tanks (though the latter is less prominent). 

Major influences and inspirations include, but are not limited to Gustave Doré, Franklin Booth, Joseph Clement Coll, 
Willy Pogany, James Montgomery Flagg, Virgil Finlay, Bernie Wrightson, Charles Dana Gibson, and Jean Giraud (Moebius).​ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/misterwillow 
Twitter: @misterwillow_ 
Tumblr: misterwillow.tumblr.com 
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/misterwillow 
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Society 6: society6.com/misterwillow 
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Nickolas E. Cook - Author  (In the Pines)

Nickolas E. Cook is a self-employed professional writer of dark fiction, and of non-fiction interviews and reviews for films and books. Originally from Florida, he currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife Kimberly and their beloved pugs (their little “bruisers”). He is a practitioner of Krav Maga and other arts of self-defense. Politically he describes himself as a humanitarian. An avid fan of the blues, jazz and rock and roll, Nick believes in Art Blakey’s quote that “Music washes away the dust of everyday life.” Nick also subscribes to the theory of karma – what comes around goes around.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nickolasecook

email: nickolasecook@aol.com 

Realmonstieur (Andrew Howell) - Illustrator  (In the Pines)

My artwork is influenced by fairy tales, myths, cartoons, popular culture and children’s stories. I am creating an ever growing cast of characters that address issues of everyday life, relationships and of being human. I use a variety of media and materials to produce my artworks. In my practice I develop a lot of my drawings into paintings and sculptures. I address current affairs using satire, comedy and dark humor which covers and sugar coats deeper issues. For me my artwork is an opportunity to create thought provoking, engaging and entertaining moments for others.

Instagram: @realmonstieur Andrew Howell 

​​website: www.monstieur.org